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Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Houston

Lean Six Sigma has different training levels, called “belts” in the methodology. The first one of them is the Yellow Belt, with its corresponding training and certification for individuals wanting to learn about the method. Certification in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt shows you as an individual who is proficient in Six Sigma but not able to lead their own projects. However, terminology, basics, structure, and personal benefits are also obtained as our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Houston High School Students of Texas work towards your growth.

As a Yellow Belt, you are part of a core team or as a subject matter expert (SME) on a project. Those certified in it—high school students, college students, or already business professionals—are often responsible for small process improvement projects that use the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). 

PDCA is also known as the Deming Wheel. It allows Yellow Belts to identify areas that can be improved. These small Yellow Belt projects often escalate to the Green Belt and Black Belt levels, where a DMAIC method is used to maximize cost savings using Statistical Process Control.

Since Lean Six Sigma is used in companies and businesses, its usefulness among students tends to be questionable. However, decision-making, leadership, organization, teamwork, and planning are only a few benefits they obtain while learning the methodology. Additionally, they will be prepared to work with companies at this level regardless of their degrees and education level.

Thus, don’t consider yellow belt training unnecessary when it is quite the opposite: it boosts students’ opportunities and even offers more credits towards graduation.

Two Different Paths to Certification

Two routes are available to get your Yellow Belt Certification with us. Individuals who feel they have a solid understanding of the topics covered by the Yellow Belt Training, “Body of Knowledge,” can sit for the standard comprehensive exam.

Individuals using our self-study guides can opt to sit for multiple short exams as they move through the sections rather than a single comprehensive exam, or we can work around a final one based on your availability and how you want to take our training.

Our fees do not change regardless of the option you choose for the Yellow Belt Training with us; rather, we worry about your time and schedule, which is why we help students and business professionals take it as they see fit.

Our first option is, clearly, for those who have been trained by us before or other companies but are still missing their yellow belt certification to add to their curriculums.

How Does a Yellow Belt Help Companies?

Six Sigma activities can help organizations in many areas. They include assisting in the effective execution and efficiency of programs and reducing duplication and costs. 3M,, and Boeing are just a few companies that have benefited from Six Sigma activities and its implementation, thanks to yellow belts and higher certification.

There is a growing market for certified and trained practitioners. Certified Six Sigma practitioners will be paid more than their non-certified counterparts. This adds up to at least $50k+ a year regardless of working right after school, in or after college, or as a business professional looking for more opportunities.

Millions of practitioners have trained and been accredited in this field and are now able to use it in their careers.

Who Should Get Yellow Belt Training & Certification?

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification is ideal for applicants who are new to the Six Sigma environment, have a minor position, interest, or need to improve fundamental expertise.

Our team offers Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification online but also presential as COVID-19 is no longer a limitation for us. We will go with you over the initial level and ensure your satisfactory learning process.

Yellow Belt Certification helps a practitioner learn the basics of the Lean Six Sigma Technique, how to implement it in any industry and company, and even in their lives as a way to establish a structure that reduces waste and saves time. 

This certification helps to introduce, understand, apply, and maintain efficiency in Lean Six Sigma. It is supportive but professional. Yellow Belts can participate in the project as a Project Team member. They will assist Green and Black Belts to ensure the project’s efficiency. Your responsibilities and skills will make you a great asset to a company before and after graduation.

In addition to this, you will need to be trained and certified in this initial level to seek any higher levels or certifications in the methodology.