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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Houston

Lean Six Sigma has been a well-known method in America for more than 20 years, and its continuous growth due to the implementation in different areas is only waking up the interest of companies, high schools, and colleges around the country. If you are one of them, our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Houston High School Students of Texas, is open for training and certification, but before that, we want you to know a bit more about the Lean Six Sigma industry.

Its roots are in the United States. It was developed when American industries were faced with Japanese products. The Kaizen methodology—along with others—which focuses on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, was a great deal in the Japanese industry for manufacturing as it boosted production and surpassed American efficiency. Thus, LSS ended up being an answer to this issue.

Because it is universally applicable, it is very popular. It can be used in all areas of life and business by professionals, students, employees, companies, and even individuals outside the industry it was originally developed for. 

Since Lean Six Sigma can help reduce or eliminate wasteful activities, it is up to the individual or practitioner to implement the structure and principles according to the industry to obtain the desired results. In the end, the main focus of simplifying the use is reducing unnecessary steps and focusing only on the most critical while improving performance.

Every organization must continuously strive to improve its quality, operational excellence, performance, and overall productivity.

Going back to the industry at the time of its inception and introduction in the USA, it revolutionized manufacturing in every aspect: people, machinery, and logistics, as well as administration.

As it was adopted for more companies in different areas over the years, LSS shines in America and how it addressed the problem of Japanese companies using the Kaizen method in addition to others.

The Lean Six Sigma Industry: All Came from Lean & Six Sigma

Since the dawn of industrialization, Lean has been a powerful tool as an individual methodology. Businesses have used the Lean principles to improve their performance, satisfy customer needs, and improve their bottom line. 

As an independent method, it has nothing to envy, as these are the essential facts: Lean is a philosophy that eliminates waste and delivers the best customer experience following part of the Kaizen methodology.

However, when you get Six Sigma with a similar purpose focused on waste reduction and continuous improvement, you know the combination is much better in terms of results.

The DMAIC structure, which stands for, measure, analyze, improve, control, comes from the Six Sigma method and allows for improved manufacturing. This type of quality control is intended for large-scale manufacturing businesses but is implemented today with the LSS method in all industries.

Six Sigma and Lean have been popular tools for performance improvement ever since they were first introduced in the USA’s automobile industry.

Since all businesses, universities, public sectors, and other organizations that want to be more efficient have lower costs, offer better products and services, and spend less, LSS came in handy for all of them.

America’s Lean Six Sigma industry grew because people wanted solutions to their processes. They want to ensure that they are competitive while still taking care of customers and clients.

What Are the Most Common Industries that Use Lean Six Sigma in the USA?

LSS is always useful in manufacturing as it is the main reason it was introduced, but leaving that aside, more industries in the country have found a way to adapt to it. They also train workers and students to make it more valuable to their businesses.

The most common industries for its use today include:

  • Healthcare: It can help reduce the time spent looking for patient records, wheelchairs, and medications and allows staff and personnel to have a more systematic way to offer their services.
  • Legal and financial services: Because it is a process-driven sector, all businesses here are well-positioned to reap the benefits of this method. 
  • Education: It helps schools run more efficiently and redirect more resources toward the classroom. They can be used for reducing variance and streamlining administrative processes.

How to Request Lean Six Sigma Training

Regardless of your industry or if you are a student or institution looking for Lean Six Sigma, our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Houston can help you with the desired training and certification.

We will walk you through the process, all terminology, and what constitutes the LSS methodology.

Just give us a call or send an email to our team for more information. We would love to have you as one of our students or include your company or institution in our list of satisfied clients.